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A Book Series Everyone Should Read

Quite possibly one of the best books series I have ever read and recommend to all avid readers is the Wheel Of Time series. Written by the late American author James Oliver Rigney Jr., under the pen name Robert Jordan, and finished off by Brandon Sanderson; this fourteen volume series is sure to captivate, amaze, and entertain readers of all ages and interest. Although of the Fantasy genre, this series has everything any reader could want. There are trials of skill and courage, stories of love and loss, and the largest fantasy world created by fictional writers to this day. Robert Jordan has encompassed hundreds of characters into his series over the years. Originally the series was intended to contain only 6 volumes, but the story could not be contained in so few books. The overall story follows 3 boys as they grow into pivotal figures in the future of their country; however there are also several other minor characters that play large roles throughout the story. Every scene contains such vivid descriptions and characters. You will feel like you are living this story and viewing it rather than reading about it. No tapestry goes without description, no crowd goes without examination for the reader, and no written battle goes without being felt.

This series is not for the light reader. Containing fourteen novels; each consisting of an average of roughly 700 pages this is a book series that will require a good amount of time to finish completely. Many readers often find themselves wanting to read the series through again after they have finished. Robert Jordan has created a world in which readers can fall into endlessly. They begin finding themselves connecting with characters on a deep level and no longer think of them as just characters, but as friends they are accompanying on a journey. Being a fantasy story there is of course the usual sword wielding, magic flinging, and adventure seeking characters one would expect. Yet, somehow amidst all of the usual suspects in any fantasy novel Jordan has slipped in traits that make every character seem real. The sheer volume of information this author has produced has allowed him to create an environment in which his story is no longer just a story, but a world that parallels our own.

Many readers were very disappointed when Jordan passed away before finishing his work; however Brandon Sanderson has finished the job, with the help of Jordan’s notes, in a fashion that is sure to please even the most avid fan. This is a book series that will change your paradigm of fantasy novels and increase your arsenal of the fantasy genre. Jordan doesn’t disappoint and Sanderson has finished off his series in an excellent and well-timed manner. If you’re looking to fall into a world where you are surrounded by magic, swords, and it’s your job to save the world than Jordan and his Wheel Of Timeseries is definitely the one for you.