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De-Stress is Something You Should

Taking Time to De-Stress is Something You Should Do for Yourself

Stress Free

Take time for yourself each and every day to keep stress at bay. Stress is an unavoidable part of life. It does not discriminate in wealth or poverty. It does not care the color of skin or eyes. It is a plague that we all feel at least once in our day. This plague can and will make our bodies ill if we do not learn how to cope with it. Stress has been known to cause high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and even addictions. In this busy life we seldom have time to fix what is causing the stress, and sometimes there just is not a fix available.

When the world is crazy with stress take one moment and just breathe. Take a deep breath in and exhale out loudly. This one simple breathing motion can help take some of the weight off, meaning stress leaves our bodies in little bits when we simply think about that one breath and do it. It helps to distract us from the chaos that is going on. Learning to distract our minds is essential in this world. For years women have been taught to distract themselves from the pain of childbirth, and this same concept will work with stress.

There is not a person on this planet that does not face stress in their lives. Worry is one of the largest stressors. People worry about sick loved ones. They worry about money. They worry about bills. People worry about their jobs, or lack of one. They worry it will rain when they need to be outside. This worry has the ability to nag at us. Some of us have that nagging worry taking over our thoughts, which takes our brains away from seeing the moment in front of us. It doesn’t allow us to enjoy anything in the moment. This is when we need to force our brains to stop nagging for a little while.

Parents need time to themselves every day to help keep a bit of sanity. In two parent households this should be easy to accomplish. While one parent has half an hour to themselves to do something solely for their own relaxation the other parent can watch the children. In households with a single parent this precious half an hour can be a little harder to have. It is not impossible though when it is made a priority. Instead of cleaning during nap time spend those moments in a hot shower, reading a book, or eye guzzling a favorite television show. Whatever one choose’s to do for this half an hour is totally up to them. It should not involve thinking or doing anything for anyone else. It is not selfish to do this. It helps to keep the body in harmony so that the stress takes a break for that time.

In short, if there is nothing else that we ever do for ourselves in our lives, we must learn to step away from stress, and just breathe. Our bodies, our minds, and the people in our lives will be thankful that we do.