De-Stress is Something You Should

Taking Time to De-Stress is Something You Should Do for Yourself

Stress Free

Take time for yourself each and every day to keep stress at bay. Stress is an unavoidable part of life. It does not discriminate in wealth or poverty. It does not care the color of skin or eyes. It is a plague that we all feel at least once in our day. This plague can and will make our bodies ill if we do not learn how to cope with it. Stress has been known to cause high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and even addictions. In this busy life we seldom have time to fix what is causing the stress, and sometimes there just is not a fix available.

When the world is crazy with stress take one moment and just breathe. Take a deep breath in and exhale out loudly. This one simple breathing motion can help take some of the weight off, meaning stress leaves our bodies in little bits when we simply think about that one breath and do it. It helps to distract us from the chaos that is going on. Learning to distract our minds is essential in this world. For years women have been taught to distract themselves from the pain of childbirth, and this same concept will work with stress.

There is not a person on this planet that does not face stress in their lives. Worry is one of the largest stressors. People worry about sick loved ones. They worry about money. They worry about bills. People worry about their jobs, or lack of one. They worry it will rain when they need to be outside. This worry has the ability to nag at us. Some of us have that nagging worry taking over our thoughts, which takes our brains away from seeing the moment in front of us. It doesn’t allow us to enjoy anything in the moment. This is when we need to force our brains to stop nagging for a little while.

Parents need time to themselves every day to help keep a bit of sanity. In two parent households this should be easy to accomplish. While one parent has half an hour to themselves to do something solely for their own relaxation the other parent can watch the children. In households with a single parent this precious half an hour can be a little harder to have. It is not impossible though when it is made a priority. Instead of cleaning during nap time spend those moments in a hot shower, reading a book, or eye guzzling a favorite television show. Whatever one choose’s to do for this half an hour is totally up to them. It should not involve thinking or doing anything for anyone else. It is not selfish to do this. It helps to keep the body in harmony so that the stress takes a break for that time.

In short, if there is nothing else that we ever do for ourselves in our lives, we must learn to step away from stress, and just breathe. Our bodies, our minds, and the people in our lives will be thankful that we do.

Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others

Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others

Expecting From Others

1. Do not expect perfection

It is common in relationships for people to expect perfection. Expecting perfection is a recipe for heartbreak. What you are is what others are. They are not perfect. They try to hide their imperfections. Unless you truly get to know them, you will never be aware of their hidden flaws. Just like you put on make-up or wear a fancy cloth line to hide few imperfections here and there, do not expect people to be perfect.

2. Do not expect people to always understand you

Some people will understand you, and some will not understand you. In times of vulnerabilities, people tend to expect others to understand their feelings, their inner thoughts and their situation. But this is not always the case. Sometimes it takes experience for someone to understand your situation. While your friends may try, there is not guarantee that they will understand you. Sometimes you need to be single to understand how it feels. Sometimes you may need a heartbreak to understand the pain. In the same way, do not expect someone to understand what you are experiencing in life.

3. Do not expect people always to be there for you

We tend to move in a roller of emotions. Today we may be there for you but tomorrow we may have personal battles to handle. Doing both is hard. Some people try to show concern and be there when you are in trouble, but they may not be there forever. It is important to accept that they also have a life to live. They have other friends to comfort, loved ones to care for, and other significant things in their lives.

4. Do not expect people to agree with you all the time

Even in a relationship, honesty is measured by the level of disagreements and how each one of the parties supports his or her position. It is foolhardy to expect people always to agree. In any case, people who always agree with you are not helpful in life. Genuine friends and partners offer their opinion even if it differs. It is your responsibility to support your arguments to convince others. If you are unable to convince someone, it is always good to see their perspectives too.

5. Do not expect extremes from others: The worst or the best

There are pessimists and optimists. Pessimists will invent a parachute and optimists will design a plane. That is how the world works. Nature gives room for everyone to exercise their beliefs in the best way possible. Some people find it impossible to trust anyone because they believe people are evil. Others jump into relationships expecting angels. The two extremes are not right, strike a balance in your expectations

6. Do not expect people to change

Change is hard. People are opposed to change, and if you are expecting someone to change, it may take forever. Sometimes they may fake changes only to revert to their old ways. You must make sure you strike a balanced level of expectations.

Sex and how it helps

Escort Services in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Escort Service

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Books everyone should read

Books everyone should read

A Book Series Everyone Should Read

Quite possibly one of the best books series I have ever read and recommend to all avid readers is the Wheel Of Time series. Written by the late American author James Oliver Rigney Jr., under the pen name Robert Jordan, and finished off by Brandon Sanderson; this fourteen volume series is sure to captivate, amaze, and entertain readers of all ages and interest. Although of the Fantasy genre, this series has everything any reader could want. There are trials of skill and courage, stories of love and loss, and the largest fantasy world created by fictional writers to this day. Robert Jordan has encompassed hundreds of characters into his series over the years. Originally the series was intended to contain only 6 volumes, but the story could not be contained in so few books. The overall story follows 3 boys as they grow into pivotal figures in the future of their country; however there are also several other minor characters that play large roles throughout the story. Every scene contains such vivid descriptions and characters. You will feel like you are living this story and viewing it rather than reading about it. No tapestry goes without description, no crowd goes without examination for the reader, and no written battle goes without being felt.

This series is not for the light reader. Containing fourteen novels; each consisting of an average of roughly 700 pages this is a book series that will require a good amount of time to finish completely. Many readers often find themselves wanting to read the series through again after they have finished. Robert Jordan has created a world in which readers can fall into endlessly. They begin finding themselves connecting with characters on a deep level and no longer think of them as just characters, but as friends they are accompanying on a journey. Being a fantasy story there is of course the usual sword wielding, magic flinging, and adventure seeking characters one would expect. Yet, somehow amidst all of the usual suspects in any fantasy novel Jordan has slipped in traits that make every character seem real. The sheer volume of information this author has produced has allowed him to create an environment in which his story is no longer just a story, but a world that parallels our own.

Many readers were very disappointed when Jordan passed away before finishing his work; however Brandon Sanderson has finished the job, with the help of Jordan’s notes, in a fashion that is sure to please even the most avid fan. This is a book series that will change your paradigm of fantasy novels and increase your arsenal of the fantasy genre. Jordan doesn’t disappoint and Sanderson has finished off his series in an excellent and well-timed manner. If you’re looking to fall into a world where you are surrounded by magic, swords, and it’s your job to save the world than Jordan and his Wheel Of Timeseries is definitely the one for you.

The key to happiness

Things Happy People Do Differently

Happy People

Misery loves company; however, the happy individual is alright with company too. The best way, experts agree, that happiness is possible is for the individual to do some things that seem a bit uncomfortable. In doing so, many persons find the key to a great deal of happiness. The content, which follows, suggests what it is happy people tend to do differently than the remainder of the populous.

Psychologists probably know better than anyone what persons of a happy nature do differently than other persons that do not fare so well. One way that many experts in the field glean information about how to attain happiness is when they are flying across the nation and are able to sit next to a seatmate–who by the way is happy. That is not to say psychologists, as well, get exposed to the flip side of the coin, and hear in their practices as well as on planes, every miserable story imaginable.

The key to happiness:

Before listening to many different tales airborne or otherwise, the question one must ask in order to come up with the happiness quotient, according to leading psychological experts is: What can I do to become truly happy?

The key to happiness is a concern within the contemporary era:

An increase in financial security has made it possible for many persons to place as their individual objectives: the concept of self-growth. The idea is how to go about living a very happy life, in general. Gone are the days when persons merely focused on a way to survive. In fact, books about contentment have become a cottage industry; and personal development courses comprise even a larger industry than the self-growth manuscripts.

The pursuit of true happiness is not unique to the American Public:

In one study, involving ten thousand participants from forty-eight various nations, it was discovered that persons from every corner of the world rated happiness as being just as significant within their lives as other desirable features including understanding the meaning to life, and becoming wealthy.

True happiness is not merely about hearing positive daily feedback:

The first distinct course of action the individual must take, on the road to happiness, according to the psychologists, airborne or otherwise, is to understand what happiness means. True happiness, it has been concluded, quite reasonably, is just not a mumble-jumble of happy-go-lucky feelings. True happiness is best described as an inward sense of peace and harmony. It is an inward sense of being content. Happiness, then, it may be concluded, too, is in part emotional in nature. The way to happiness, then, from an emotional standpoint is for the individual to realize his or her feelings have a genetic setting and that individual personality plays a part in the creation of happiness. Certainly, events that are positive in nature will provide a boost to a person’s overall feeling of contentment. Regardless, the individual who realizes that his or her contentment is relative to a genetic set point, will also realize just how far the set point will go with respect to overall happiness. In a way, knowing that there is no way that one person can ever be quite as contented as another person, with a higher set point, can be a form of happiness. It is then, not useful for one to compare his or her happiness quotient to another human-being’s happiness quotient. It is more practical for that person to remain as content as possible, for the time-being, as it concerns his or her own personal life. Being as happy as possible is useful, regardless of set point, too, because a content individual is able to avoid many physical ailments by maintaining a positive and realistic nature. The preceding is stated since many diseases tied to the immune system became pronounced when certain individuals lose a good deal of their respective personal happiness quotients.

True happiness lasts for expanded time-periods over and above mood altering substances:

The next phase of finding true happiness is for the individual to keep, in mind, that true happiness can last for a much longer period of time than a mood altering hormone that provides a sense of happiness. Happiness, is more than mere emotion. A good sense of happiness is relative to positive cognitive ability and reflection, such as when a person provides positive feedback to a best friend with regard to his or her friend’s humorous action.

In explanation of the above content, happiness, can be a state of mind. Only a small portion of such happiness, as described in the preceding statement, is emotional; the remainder is about an individual learning how to accept matters that are unchangeable and being reasonable about his or her expectations of other human-beings. In summary of the explanation, since happiness is a state of mind, it is very intentional and is strategic in nature.

Happiness is about how an individual interacts with friends, family and business associates:

Here is the idea behind happiness then: which most individuals can achieve. Regardless, of the genetic set point, everyday decision-making is, in large part, suggestive of a person’s overall happiness. In example, happiness is determined by how a person operates as to his or her friendships and how he or she responds and interacts with his or her business acquaintances, and family. It is secondly, strategic, in how an individual reflects on each of the decisions he or she has made, on a day-to-day basis. Persons, who know how to interact well with regard to friendships and in business and with members of their familial unit are able to push their respective set point needles well up the scale in the way of true contentment. The preceding statement is good news for everybody, since it means happiness is about how a person responds to his or her individual relationships.

The key to happiness is not conspicuous:

The person, who experiences the rewards of happiness, performs differently than the remainder of the “not so happy” populace by seeming to engage in a good many counter-intuitive habits which don’t exactly appear tied to the “road to happiness.” Sometimes they place themselves under the rigors of hard work, other times they practice immense self-discipline. The preceding said, possibly practicing discipline merely makes a person happy because he or she appreciates so much in life that other less happy individuals have, unfortunately, taken for granted. Discipline also makes one happy since it demonstrates to the individual he or she possesses a will which is unique.

The four main ingredients in attaining happiness surprises most individuals:

The best way then, bottom-line, for a person to maintain a happy countenance is to a) accept his or her limitations, because part of happiness is genetic in nature; b) work at improving everyday relationships; c) become more self-disciplined; and, d) work each day with a great deal of enthusiasm, even if that enthusiasm is self-imposed.